How the Feminine Prays

How the Feminine Prays….

“I pray with the primordial Rivers of Life flowing through my awakened Sexuality.

I pray as a mystical Doorway opens in my inner Womb, leading out into a vaulted cathedral of Feminine consciousness flowing infinitely from Divine Mother’s Womb.

I pray as my Body begins to transform into a cosmic gateway for my beloved, and the Void dissolves us both, and touches us with her starlit fingertips of Love.

I pray as my Womb becomes a bridge for all that has left to return.

I pray with my grief, with my sorrow, with my heart shattered open into a million fragments, as if the first primordial burst of Creation is still reverberating inside.

I pray with my Heart, even when it is closed frightened, confused and afraid.

I pray because I am fragile. I have been broken. I cannot do this alone.

I pray because I am immeasurably strong and ferocious. I pray with howls for the suffering of the world. I pray with the fury of forgotten wrath.

I pray when I have no more prayers left and hopelessness is with me.

I pray when it is all smashed on the floor and cannot be fixed.

I pray with fangs and claws and the power of fire-forged volcanic ash. I pray to digest all the pain deep into the soil of my belly and birth out wild flowers.

I pray because there is a Fire in me that cannot go out, which lights every dark night.

I pray with beauty and I pray with the ugliness of all that is unsaid.

I pray with laughter, and birdsong, and forest floors. I pray with the softness.

I pray with tree roots, and earthworms, and fur. I pray with the rain and the snow.

I pray with my Touch and I pray with my Love. I pray with my consecrated Womb.

I pray with the Blood that floods from the inner luminosity of my celestial mansion.

We are the Whores and the Holy Ones, Honored and Scorned, Wild and Unborn.

Our prayers are the song of the Universe calling us home.”

? Seren Bertrand?

Photo Credit: Chandani Alesiani da “Il Tempio della Sibilla”

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