Adoration to Rhiannon

You are She who is the Red Radiance of Sunsets and the Light of new Dawns rising, adorned with luscious flowers, pink tipped blossom, deep red blooms, rich in fragrance.
She who is bedecked with bergamot and roses and perfumed by gardenia and lilac,I breath You in.
You are She whose names are many tongued, She who is Red Moon Woman, Cherry Maiden, Scarlet Lover, Blood Red Mother, Crimson Crone. Red haze of Desire’s Fire, Red Glow of Soft Heart’s Flame.
She who is Red Pulsing purpose in the blaze of Soul, I bow to You.
You are She who ignites the Heart with fierce loving, in whose eyes stars open.
She who is the sweet Song of Surrender finding the blissful ways. She who is Pulsating Flow of Blood, She who is the exquisite blossoming of Beauty in the tranquil centre of serenity, to You I sing endless praises.
You are She who’s red lips speaks the words of belonging. She whose gaze is the Gateway of Forgiveness, whose sweet Smile the bliss of Life, whose kiss Love’s truth and death most intimate embrace. She who is the black-red well of wisdom, her Sacred Yoni the undoing and becoming of all Desire, She who holds within the Fire of Creation, She who rises like a Fire Mountain and transforms within her Flame all things. She whose terracotta body is rich red Earth, to You I open my being.
You are She whose red-soled feet stand in the Core of the World. She who dances Cosmic Powers, on whose thighs gloming berries blossom, her bejeweled Beauty showers gifts of Healing. She who is sacred fruit: apples, ruby seeded pomegranate, gifting deep knowledge, date and fig and grape: ambrosia. She who is Medicine Milk of poppy, easing pain, to You I raise my adoration.
You are She who’s vermillion throat is brushed by blushing birds, She who is the Song of Creation calling to the Stars, Red River of Life,She at who’s breasts all Desire stills into Devotion, She who is the luminous Darkness, unstoppable devourer of Illusions. First Spark, Last Glimpse, to You I offer myself.
You are She whose blessings are like dark wine, delicious and delighting all the Senses, She who ecstatically dancing in the Body of each being, She whose Essence merges with us in every moment through the Red Vibration of Her Source Light, She who is the liquid Song of Love that pours from the throat of blackbird and human, She who is the Moan of Bliss in the Flight of Love Making, deep rest in the peace between breath and between all things ending and beginning.
To She, that Great One of Love who changes grief to joy and ends suffering, who takes the pain of longing and gives the gift of unimagined ecstasy in the fullness of the Heart, to you Goddess I bow and bow again.

Katinka Soetens
Art Credit: Jo Jayson

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