31st July- Embodying the Snake Goddess

Wedsneday 31st July, from 15:00 to 17:30 in Glastonbury (ENG) for the “Sun Lover Goddess Conference”

A ritual workshop of experiencing, deepening and stepping into the Snake’s Power that resides within and radiates from our Body Temple. A deep ceremony to awake our Kundalini Shakti, to explore its spiraling rise, from the roots to the crown, through meditations, sacred movements, sensual breaths and ecstatic dances.

A way to call in, call back and embody the Snake Goddess, journeying through Pleasure and beyond, riding the waves of Bliss, expanding and grounding in Love and Ecstasy, to receive and sigil into yourself all Her blessings and gifts of Sacred Vision, Deep Healing, Transformation, Vibrant Aliveness,Sensual Rapture and Empowerment.

Art Credit: ” Medusa” – Elena Albanese

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