Invocation to the Star Mother

Under a soft twilight sky we dance in your temple of standing stones,
The drumbeat of our ancient ancestors reverberating in our bones.
Singing us songs of lifetimes lived long before,
Reminding us we are daughters of your cosmic lineage, awakening once more.
Galaxies swirl above us, spiralling out into infinity,
Calling us within to dream and vision, surrender to your mystery.
You weave the dream of the world, spinning your wheel of Silver Star light,
As we rest in your womb of obsidian black night.
Yours is the dark void in which constellations collide and new worlds are born,
You are the architect of space and time, She who crystallises energy into structure and form.
We call to you, seeking your deep wisdom and prophesy,
Great Celestial Oracle, bringer of Omens, share with us your gift of clarity.
The movements of the your suns and stars unveil the karmic lessons of our soul,
Illuminating our pathway forward, teaching us how to become whole.
On your sacred spindle you weft the gossamer threads that create the tapestry of our life,
Our past, present and future reflected in your scrying mirror of ice.
Cosmic Mother, you are the breath that gives us life, the stardust in our veins,
From you we are birthed, and to you will we return again.

Maria Jones
Art Credit: Pamela Matthews

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